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Press Release: Can I Get A Hoop! Hoop! For The New Girly Bits Cosmetics Neon Brights?

OMG regardez-moi cette nouvelle collection chez Girly Bits!!! :O
Ils ont trop magnifiques ♥ J'aime toutes les couleurs! Evidemment, ils sont déjà dans ma wishlist, eheh :P Cette collection sera mise en vente demain
Samedi 19 Avril 2015 à 18h00, heure française.
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Can I Get A Hoop! Hoop! For The New Girly Bits Cosmetics Neon Brights?

Inspired by the hottest exercise craze (and Pam's newest hobby), hula hooping, Girly Bits Cosmetics is excited to announce the upcoming release of their latest collection "Hoop! There It Is".
"Hoop! There It Is" is a super fun, extremely colourful collection of neon brights, coming just in time to pretty up your pedi's for the warm weather!
The collection consists of 10 neon bright cremes and one silver/holo/black/white glitter topper to add more variety to your mani's and pedi's.

Hoop! There It Is Collection of 11 - Launch Promo Price
Save $1 off each polish for a limited time! That's $121CAD for the 11 piece collection.
{Did I mention that includes free shipping within North America}
Get your sunglasses ready and check out the beautiful, drool worthy swatches* below, courtesy of Lisa at Cosmetic Sanctuary!
(Bottle shots by GirlyBits Cosmetics)
*All of the swatches are over a bare nail, and not over a white base
I've Got High Hoops is a bright blue creme with purple undertones. Best described as a deep periwinkle.
Summer cannot come fast enough for my new hooping obsession, especially for my family and dog. My "high hoops" have bounced off the ceiling and walls of my living room so many times now that everyone clears the room when they see me get my hula hoop out!

Get Indie Flow is a vibrant grape purple creme.
The merging of my two current loves inspired the creation of Get Indie Flow. I love 'Indie' anything, from polish to bath and body, to jewelry. Independent artists have my heart. And flow arts in general are simply mesmerizing. Finding my hooping flow is my long term goal.

Hip Hoop Hurray! is a neon violet purple creme.
In my excitement to dive right into my new hobby the day my custom hoops arrived in the mail (Hip Hoop Hurray!! hoop mail!!),  I failed to consider the injury possibilities.  Note to self: polish name inspirations should come after beginning a new exercise regime - see Thump Your Melons!

Don't Paddle Break A Nail is a bright pink creme with violet undertones.
Paddle-breaks is a hula hooping trick that I am really excited to learn. There are so many crazy variations of it and it just looks so cool and FUN! I have yet to succeed (remember I've Got High Hoops?) but I keep practising breaks and reversals and in the process I have come really close to breaking a few nails instead. Seems fitting!


You're My Hooper Hero is a hot pink neon creme, with coral undertones. SO bright and fun.
I was inspired by @smashley_spins to begin my ‪‎hoop journey‬, and I have since met lots of other fabulous hoop mamas. 

Hoop! There It Is is a neon coral/pink creme.
Named just because there had to be one called Hoop! There It Is, and I would LOVE a hoop this colour!!

Thump Your Melons is a fun neon orange creme that is perfect for summer!
This beauty was inspired by some of my failed attempts at chest and shoulder hooping. And Thump Your Melons is a much funnier name than "Give yourself a fat lip with your hula hoop"!

These Hips Don't Lie is a vibrant neon yellow creme.
No exciting inspiration for the name on this one, other than the song name seemed to suit the collection theme well! And I bet Shakira can hula hoop in her sleep with those hips!!

Hooperchondriac is a bright neon green creme.
Marrying one addiction with another - hooping and polish. I need help, but that's nothing new!

It's Hoop To Be Square is a vibrant neon lime green creme.
I bet it's hard to hula hoop with a square hoop. Unless you are Shakira. I bet she can do it!

You Spin Me 'Round is a super sparkly glitter topper with various sizes of black and white glitter, silver flakes and silver holographic dust in a clear base.
Just like my hula hoops spinning 'round and 'round, this versatile glitter topper will get around too. Get around the whole collection that is.

 The 'Hoop! There It Is' collection also looks incredible with our matte top coat, Polish Matte'rs, and might even be Pam's favourite way to wear it.

But wait, how do they water marble you ask?! Girly Bits reports that they have been told "Water marbling with these are the best ever!!"
Check out the ah-mazing job done by @lylynails below. Stunning!

Mark Your Calendars!
This Amazing Collection Will Be Launching On Sunday, April 19, 2015 At 12noon EDT.

Happy Shopping!
The Girly Bits Team
NOTE: Neon bright shades are notoriously difficult to photograph, Girly Bits Cosmetics bloggers have shared the swatch pictures that they feel is the best representation of the polish as they see it. Please keep in mind that while these are as accurate as possible, monitor settings can vary and they will look different on different screens. Girly Bits Cosmetics reports finding the biggest differences when viewing the same picture on a tablet vs. a PC or laptop.


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  1. I almost like them more mattified, which is hard considering how much I like this entire collection. Great swatches!


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